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Tom Ziglar
"Thank you Lisa for having me on the Living Fearlessly radio show. The time flew by and I really appreciate the fantastic questions and how easy you made it for me - you really did your homework! I look forward to being invited back someday." Tom Ziglar
Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar
Nathaniel C. Schooler
Lisa invited me to be on her radio show and she was an amazing host! Her show created lots of new media opportunities for me and has enabled me to create lots of new opportunities for my business and to grow my audience. 
Nathaniel C. Schooler
Sheila A. Moore Anderson
On October 20th, I had the distinct honor of being a guest on Lisa's "Living Fearlessly" podcast via C-Suite Radio. She was relentless in her promotion of the show both before and after it aired. Lisa is a talented host that can dig deep with questions and conversation as to how her guests live fearlessly. the stories that come forth provide continuous inspiration for anyone to be more, do more, all while staying authentic to yourself. I enthusiastically recommend Lisa's podcast to anyone who dares to live fearlessly!
Lisa A. Moore Anderson
Dini Petty
I enjoy being interviewed and after interviewing some 20,000 people in my career, I know when an interviewer is good and Lisa McDonald is a very, very good interviewer. Lisa not only does her research and has excellent questions but Lisa listens and allows the conversation to flow. I believe that a good interview is an interesting conversation that the audience becomes engaged in. Lisa will lead the conversation but when the guest is on a roll Lisa will follow. It's not that often that I've been interviewed and walk away hoping to be invited back and continue the conversation but that's what happened when I was on Lisa McDonald radio show.
Dini Petty
Dov Baron
Lisa is a great host because she understands the balance between elevating her guests and engaging her audience. As a host, and as a person whom I've come to know, I have found Lisa to be extremely engaging, sincere, and authentic. She flows well with her guests through thought-provoking questions, insights and effortless ability to create a space where the guest can truly open up. She's a natural at owning the mic. It's a pure pleasure to observe Lisa as she exudes passion; she is a leader in her own rite. Her drive and commitment are inspiring, and she has a reputation for superseding expectations.
Best-Selling Author, Inc Magazine Top 100 Leadership Speaker and Founder of Full Monty Leadership
James Fadiman, PhD.
Lisa was a wonderful host, in part because she had really done her homework. She asked questions in greater detail than almost any media person I've ever dealt with. Her candor and her questions gave me the opportunity to go deeper than I would have expected. Thank you, Lisa, for getting me to think aloud.
James Fadiman, PhD.
Marci Ien
As an interviewer it's always interesting to be on the other side of the microphone. It's not an easy thing to do. Instead of asking the questions you're answering them. It's all about comfort level and trust. Lisa was excellent. She did her homework. In an hour, we covered so many aspects of my life from a personal and professional perspective. Lisa made me think. Dig deep. That's all anyone can ask for on either side of the mic
Marci Len, Co-host, CTV-TV “Canada AM
Jeffrey Hayzlett
Lisa McDonald is a great host who understands how her guest’s expertise will relate to her audience in an engaging and entertaining way. Tune into this podcast now or you’ll miss out! Your business and your life need to learn how to live fearlessly with Lisa.
Primetime TV & Podcast Host, Chairman C-Suite Network
Marci Shimoff
I thoroughly enjoyed being on your show, Lisa. You’re a great interviewer and you’re sharing important messages with the world!
Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul