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Are you looking for a charismatic, down to earth trainer or speaker for your upcoming event? Someone who engages you on pivotal subjects such as authentic leadership, solution-focused strategizing, realignment with your personal or company’s purpose, passions, goals, and objectives? Setting intentions and manifesting your most desired results?

Lisa’s Approach is Simple, and Yet Profoundly Impactful

She establishes essential clarity; ridding you and your team of the false beliefs and concepts, which impedes your ability to flourish, thrive and soar to unprecedented heights.


Lisa McDonald featured speaker for Business Expert Forum at Harvard Faculty Club

  • Expect profound shifting from being (or feeling) stuck to establishing pivotal breakthroughs.
  • Strong focus on visualization techniques, personal and collective accountability, while walking into your preferred state of reality.
  • Embrace the power of Choices.

Lisa talks about infusing passion back into your company, your team, your soul – essentially every aspect of your life so as to walk into your preferred state of reality.

Lisa Will Empower and Re-Invigorate You To:

  • Want to take Massive Daily Action in Your Work and Life…
    because maximizing your unique strengths, talents, and skill-sets, WILL transform the results and outcomes you WILL create.
  • Swiftly Navigate and Maneuver Your Work and Life to the Top of Your Summit…
    anything and everything related to top, peak performance, intention-setting, manifesting, clarity, personal accountability, authentic leadership, and de-mystifying false beliefs and concepts, which no longer serve you or your working culture.

Lisa is a Licensed and Certified Passion Test Facilitator – an opportunity she and eleven other people from around the world were interviewed and screened for. Lisa underwent a three day intensive training with NY Times Bestselling Co-Author, Janet Attwood in her Californian home. As a result of this specialized training opportunity within the world of Personal Development; Lisa has provided one on one consultations, Team and Group Workshops at the Corporate, Not-For-Profit, and Entrepreneurial Levels.

Contact Lisa today to schedule a personal consultation to discover your passions and align your life with what truly matters

Lisa is no stranger to the stage, the mic, to reporters, or to multi-media outlets.

Lisa has been leading, guiding, and empowering TEAMS and individuals for over 20 years; most of which has been entrenched within environments related to crisis management.

The Dov Baron Leadership Show: Lisa McDonald Host of Living Fearlessly

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